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    Babybird - Back Together Again Tour - Glasgow

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    18 May 19:30 - 23:30
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  • Its now half a year since Stephen Jones had that stupid irritating heart
    attack. Heʼs been to the gym for the first time. Lost a stone and a half.
    And is now fully hiked up on blood thinners and other drugs. He and
    the band gave birth to new gigs last December, and made it safely
    through, at a very lovely old church in St Pancras, London, which even
    proved to be, as Stephen put it “very f@*king fun indeed”. In fact the
    Friday night gig was “absolutely bloody astonishing”.
    So it was a simple decision to do it again and add more, spread out
    across the country, have a road trip, and play some new songs. Even
    have the odd shandy.
    Babybird is an odd one, deceptively sweet and cute in name, but
    happily for Stephen Jones, hides something darker growing inside the
    fluffy yellow. Imagine the David Lynch Blue Velvet mechanical bird.
    Musical life started with the lo-fi years, consisting of five Stephen Jones
    solo albums released in a nine month period. This, already without even
    being signed to a record company, was never going to be something
    that was part of 1990s indie britpop world. Then an album and single
    went gold, Stephen was hounded and heckled out of Manchester for
    being that ʻbleeding gorgeous blokeʼ, to settle in London.
    Then with the recent help of Johnny Depp he recorded two albums in
    LA and the video “Unloveable” (see it on youtube). In the last five years
    he has released over one hundred albums on the phenomenal site that
    is Bandcamp, giving him complete freedom outside of the music
    business, to persist and meddle. It cannot be stressed enough how
    extremely unusual this is.