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    Tarantino Soundtracks

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    23 March 23:00 - 24 March 03:00
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  • The legend series is our monthly musical special where we pay homage to the artists, people and culture that created the music that has made The Buff Club what it is today.

    For our 3rd Legends Series event of the year, we'll be celebrating a man whose movie soundtracks can only be paralleled by his incredible plot ideas - Quentin Tarantino.

    Music is such an integral part of the world of Tarantino, it’s difficult to think about your favourite scenes from one of his films without hearing a ’70s soul classic or a track from some obscure spaghetti Western score. Tarantino’s eclectic approach to creating movie soundtracks has led to some intense, surreal and hilarious big screen moments and we'll be bringing it all to our dance floor on Friday 23rd of March.

    Advance tickets will be posted soon!