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    Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist – THURS

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    16 November 11:00 - 13:00
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  • What present stories might help us generate different futures?

    Day 1 of 4 days of performances, readings, discussions, workshops, screenings (and a party) with sex revolutionaries, prison abolitionist poets, mutant dancers, haunted noise, fan-fiction fantasists—transfeminist dreaming, sci-fi, Latinx tunes, sex worker resistance, bodily storytelling, fantasy, crip erotics, porn, militant fiction...

    Samuel R. Delany | Huw Lemmey | Storyboard P | Moor Mother | Hal Duncan | KUCHENGA | Nat Raha | Jackie Wang | DJ@Christelle | DJ D-harsh | Nena Etza | LAPS | Wu Tsang | boychild | Robert Softley Gale | Maxine Meighan | SWARM (Sex Workers’ Advocacy and Resistance movement) | Sgàire Wood

    Visit www.arika.org.uk for the full schedule and detailed programme information. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to attend - info@arika.org.uk



    11 – 12.30pm - Anal Panopticon - Workshop 1 @ Many Studios
    1.30 – 3pm - Anal Panopticon - Workshop 2 @ Many Studios
    Huw Lemmey
    Workshop, Reading & Hangout

    Two bottomless brunch writing workshops —with readings—speculating the relationship between space, infrastructure, technologies and sex.

    Both workshops will be held at Many Studios and have limited capacity. Email book@arika.org.uk to enquire about reserving a space on one.


    7 – 8.30pm - The Motion of Light
    Samuel R. Delany
    Reading & Discussion
    Access: BSL, STTR & Content

    Autobiographical detail becomes a lens to reflect and refract the deepest aspects of personal and social life in Delany’s ground-breaking non-fiction writing.


    9 – 9.30pm - The Body is a Sanctuary That Floats
    Storyboard P
    Dance Performance

    A performance by Storyboard P - one of the greatest Afrofuturist dancers on the planet


    10 – 10.45pm
    Moor Mother
    Music Performance

    Moor Mother is a Philadelphian housing activist and black quantum futurist who performs maroon rap shanties and haunted punk-noise.



    All events are Pay What You Can on the day. You can attend for free if that makes the most sense for you. But if you can afford to pay, please do. A suggested daily donation is around £5, although more or less is also fine. Pay by cash and card at the Arika Desk in the Tramway Foyer.

    Entry to all events will be on a first come first served basis. Just turn up on the day, there will be no advance reservations, there should be space for lots of us.



    For full information about accessing the events including Seating Requests, Venue Accessibility, Quiet/er Space info and Content Notes please visit http://arika.org.uk/events/episode-9-other-worlds-already-exist/visitor-info



    Some events will be British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted by Jo Ross and/or Yvonne Wadell.

    Several events at the Episode will have live Speech to Text Reporting (STTR) provided by Stage Text.

    These events are noted in the listing as BSL & STTR

    If you would like to attend other events and require BSL interpretation Arika will try to make that happen. Please contact Arika, with as much notice as possible on info@arika.org.uk to arrange or ask at the Arika Desk during the Episode.


    Image of Moor Mother by Bob Sweeney - http://sweeneybob.net