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    CARVE at Cafe Strange Brew

    Food and drink
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    21 November 18:30 - 21:30
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  • CARVE is a fun and unique workshop that brings jewellery making together with great food and drink. Learn the skills to CARVE your unique ring or we are now offering to make a charm, from jeweller's wax and we'll transform it for you from wax to silver.

    CARVE classes are run by Katie Lees Jewellery and Kate Pickering. Combined they have over 10 years of experience. Katie creates opulent, unusual and bespoke designs for an extensive range of clients. Kate has built a reputation for supporting and promoting the jewellery industry in Scotland through her jewellery incubator programme Vanilla Ink, her countrywide festival Scottish Jewellery Week, and now with CARVE.

    Popping up this month in the soon to be relocated Cafe Strange Brew, this class is great for both complete beginners or those with a little know-how who just want space to create in fantastic setting. We will coax out your inner creativity (trust us, everyone is creative) and guide you from unembellished beginnings to your own, one-off jewellery masterpiece in solid silver.

    You also have the option to add a second ring or charm This is a great idea if you have taken a CARVE class before, or maybe want to make a less complex design. Create two unique rings for just £45 extra, and start a stacking collection!

    Not convinced? Have a look at our Pinterest boards to open up your imagination and show you what you can create in just two hours. We recommend you take a look at our boards whether you are convinced or not to get the ideas flowing. It’s also handy to check out our Facebook albums and Instagram to see what others have made.

    *There are no tickets issued for this event we will have a list of names on the night. The postage is for the return of your completed ring*

    **Discounts can be offered to groups of 3 or more, please get in touch for more details**