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    2nd Birthday! / The Hug and Pint / 20.6.17

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    20 June 10:00 - 14:00
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  • Yeah so it's been two years apparently.
    Two years since we downed our tools, brushed the dust off our backs, hung those Mogwai boards on the wall and sat down for our first pint.

    In the time between then and now, thousands of you good folks have been in and out of our doors - eating our delicious food, watching thousands of our favourite musicians play music for you, drawing a floofy white dog and sticking it to our "musicians wanted" pinboard...

    Now, come join us for our second pint.

    The Hug and Pint is partying and we're bringing you a fantastic (secret) lineup.
    You won't find out who's playing they play (secret) - so trust us and snap up a ticket - last year was (no joke) amazing.

    Thanks to everyone that's been nice to us over the last two years.
    We definitely wouldn't still be here without the help of so many great people, thankyou so much.

    Final thanks goes to Emer Tumilty for the excellent poster and all her other work with us over the years.

    Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks let's party.