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    Thursday Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Format Tournament

  • When
    26 April 17:30 - 21:00
  • YGO Advanced Format tournament
    5:30pm registration for a 6:00pm start
    Entry £6

    The tournament is Swiss style. The number of rounds depends on the number of players.


    All players decks must adhere to the Constructed Deck guidelines:

    The Main Deck must contain only Legal cards.
    The Main Deck can have a minimum of 40 cards and a maximum of 60 cards. (Only the cards in the Main Deck, count toward this total, not cards in the Extra Deck)
    The Extra Deck must contain no more than 15-cards
    The Side Deck must contain no more than 15-cards
    A Duelist may not have more than three copies of any Unlimited card included in their Main Deck, Side Deck, and Extra Deck combined.

    If a Forbidden, Limited, or Semi-Limited List is used, the number of copies must not exceed those requirements.
    Cards which have their name permanently treated as that of another card are considered to be the same as that card for deck construction.


    The prize pool will consist of one booster per person entered, each entrant will also receive a booster for their sign up.

    For more information please contact us via glasgow@geek-retreat.com or call us on 0141 611 8229