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    The Embroidery Girl

  • When
    10 April 19:30 - 22:30
  • The Embroidery Girl tells the legendary story of embroidery Master Xiu Niang, who produced the greatest Embroidery Art Bible of her time, during the male-dominated, hierarchical Qing Dynasty.
    The show reveals to the audience the lingering charm of Jiangsu local culture and brings to life Xiu Niang's beautiful embroidery through stunning dance and striking stage presentation.

    Presented by Jiangsu Province Wuxi Song and Dance Institute, with a high calibre cast including: The world-renowned choreographer, Zhao Ming (赵明); one of the most highly acclaimed Chinese dancers, Zhang Yashu (张娅姝) and National first ranked contemporary stage designer, Zhang Jiwen (张继文).