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    Dont Drop: Charlotte de Witte + Residents

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    17 December 23:00 - 18 December 02:00
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  • Charlotte came to our attention last year after being suggested to us numerous times from regulars. After checking her out we can see why she was suggested to us so many times. Charlotte joins us for our final party in the series. The 8th and final party. Good night.

    Sunday 17th December
    23:00 - 03:00
    Sub Club

    Charlotte de Witte,
    McEwan & Torrance,
    RJay Murphy.

    Standard Tickets £8/10
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    Season Pass - Free all night long

    Very Limited £25 Season Pass available while stocks last. Gets you in free to all sunday events (excl 26th Nov) - https://goo.gl/18mDH1

    "Together we dance"