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    The Sue McCreeth Band

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    21 June 20:00 - 22:00
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  • Classically trained jazz, soul, world music singer and composer Sue McCreeth’s 2017 live dates see her performing from London to Glasgow. Hers is an international jazz sensibility, and she blends the material with an expert eye, having studied with Gary Burton (Berklee College of Music USA) and Joy Mammen (Royal Academy of Music). Songs from her current and penultimate critically acclaimed cds, ‘Look Back and Love’ (2017), and ‘Queer Bird’ (2016) will be featured. McCreeth blends her own well regarded compositions, jazz classics by British composers, re-imagined classical art song in German and French, together with Gaelic and Portuguese. Harmonies, grooves, song titles and words have echoes of Arabic, Sikh and Tamil traditions. This promises to be a high energy, engaging and unique concert featuring musicians from the cream of the Scottish jazz set.