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    Taylor Hunt Mysore Self Practice & Ashtanga Workshops

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    30 August 06:00 - 08:00
  • Taylor Hunt is a devoted student of Ashtanga yoga and is dedicated to sharing the healing practice with others by teaching daily Mysore classes at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus and offering workshops around the world. Over this amazing week we’ll do five days of Morning Mysore Wednesday to Sunday and a series of workshops Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

    Mysore Self Practice Week with Taylor Hunt

    Wednesday 30 August - Sunday 3 September 2017

    Join Taylor for a unique opportunity to receive individual attention and deepen your practice in a Mysore-style setting.

    We’re asking you to commit to all five days and here’s what to expect in return:

    - We’re limiting the number of students in each class so you’ll get lots of individual attention.
    - Time to get to know Taylor and for him to get to know you and your practice inside out. By the end of the week you’ll have some practical techniques to help you work on your challenging areas of the practice.
    - In a Mysore Self Practice Class you each practice at your own pace without being guided through each pose by the teacher - eek! That means it’s not a led, guided or counted class where everyone is doing the same pose at the same time. The amount of attention, the discipline and the dedication of practicing daily will help you develop a deeper connection between teacher, student, and this amazing practice…

    Mysore Session 1 - 6am Wednesday to Friday / 7am Saturday & Sunday
    Mysore Session 2 - 7.30am Wednesday to Friday / 8.30am Saturday & Sunday
    Mysore Session 3 - 9am Wednesday to Friday / 10am Saturday & Sunday

    Weekend Workshop Series with Taylor Hunt

    We’re still confirming with Taylor the exact content of his workshops but be assured they’ll be AMAZING!

    Workshop 1 - Dharma Talk
    6-8.30pm Friday 1 September 2017

    Join Authorised Level II teacher, Taylor Hunt, for an evening discussing the philosophy behind the Ashtanga Yoga method. He will share his story and how the practice helped him find his true path. Learn how this transformational and healing practice can work in your life and how to overcome some of the roadblocks along the way.

    This is an interactive discussion you will not want to miss!

    Workshop 2 - Foundations: Ground Your Practice
    2-4.30pm Saturday 2 September 2017

    In this workshop, we will take an in-depth look at the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method while exploring the foundational poses of the Primary Series. The standing and seated poses lay the groundwork for the Ashtanga Yoga method and are designed to strengthen the legs while opening the hips and hamstrings. They create a grounded and stable base to further progress in the practice. We will spend ample time exploring proper alignment and techniques to work through restricted movements.

    This workshop is appropriate for all levels of practitioners.

    Workshop 3 - Deepening your Backbends
    2-4.30pm Sunday 3 September 2017

    Backbends are a wonderful way to strengthen the back and balance the body after the many forward folds of the Primary Series. Learn proper alignment and technique to safely approach back bending. We will explore a rich collection of backbends from the Primary and Second series designed to open the front of the body and realign the spine.

    This is a fun and challenging workshop for all levels of practitioners.

    Workshop Costs

    Mysore Self Practice Week Cost £144
    Workshop Series (1, 2 & 3) £108
    Individual Workshop £42

    About Taylor…

    Taylor Hunt is a devoted student of Ashtanga yoga. He makes yearly trips to Mysore, India to further his studies at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) under the guidance of his teacher, R. Sharath Jois. In 2013, after several extended trips, Taylor was granted Level 2 Authorisation to teach from KPJAYI and has had the honor of assisting in the shala in India on two occasions. Taylor is dedicated to sharing the healing practice with others by teaching daily Mysore classes at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus and offering workshops around the country. He continues to inspire others through his accessible approach to the practice and story of personal transformation detailed in his recently published book “A Way From Darkness”. Taylor is also the director of the Trini Foundation that brings the life-changing practice of Ashtanga to those struggling with addiction.

    Taylor Hunt