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    1 August 19:00 - 23:00
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  • In ten years of living in relative obscurity to the mainstream pop cultured music audience
    Lionize has garnered a reputation as an explosive live act and recording group amongst fans,
    concert- goers and legendary musicians across the globe. Lionize are taking 100% control of
    their destiny by going back to their roots and taking a page from the DIY Handbook. Minor
    Threat, Bad Brains, Scream, Gov't Issue - all Washington, DC area bands never needed the
    hand of a major label, radio play or main stream exposure to gain a powerful reputation as
    completely independent and self-sufficient artists. Lionize will begin a journey into their 10th
    year with a renewed sense of purpose, taking the cue from their predecessors who smirked at
    the term industry and make their own rules when it comes to recording and getting their music
    to their fans.