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    One Love Bikram Yoga Summer Solstice Global Celebration

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    21 June 17:37 - 19:37
  • Yoga means union: to yoke...to unite. With all the turmoil going on in the world right now, we could not think of a better time to bring people together and use this practice to celebrate onness, unity, love and peace.

    During the event, studios and Bikram Yogis throughout the world will be sharing their Summer Solstice celebrations through Facebook, creating a global connection and an international buzz. Celebrations are already confimed to be taking place in Times Square NYC, at the Tower of London, Portugal, Lithuania and Malawi.

    We will be kicking off our event in Glasgow with a free candle lit class at sunrise (05.34) on June 21st in our studio. Our class will be streamed LIVE on Facebook marked with the hashtag #Onelovebikramyoga, and we will also be holding a free public class at an iconic Glasgow landmark. Details TBC.

    To take part simply stream your Summer Solstice class live on your Facebook page using the hashtag #Onelovebikramyoga and share your photos, updates and positive vibrations on the event page. Whether you’re a studio owner or a solo practitioner, share your 90 minute live feed with us and let’s see if we can broadcast from every time zone and spread the Bikram buzz all over the world. Never done Bikram before? Take part from your own living room by turning on the live feed and giving the postures a try.

    Let's spread positive vibrations throughout the whole world and join together as one.