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    Gary Lucas (Jeff Buckley/ Captain Beefheart) | Saint Luke's

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    6 May 19:00 - 22:00
  • Gary infamously worked with a plethora of legendary American artists — notably the late greats Jeff Buckley (which whom he wrote timeless classics such as Grace and Mojo), Captain Beefheart (fulfilling his lifetime ambition of becoming a member of The Magic Band), Lou Reed and Nick Cave.

    ‘One of the best and most original guitarists in America’ —Rolling Stone

    ‘One of the 100 Greatest Living Guitarists’ —Classic Rock

    ‘The Thinking Man’s Guitar Hero — A-List’ —The New Yorker

    ‘Legendary left-field guitarist’ —The Guardian

    ‘The world’s most popular Avant-rock guitarist’ —The Independent

    “You’re a phenomenal guitarist” —Bruce Springsteen

    “Man can play guitar!” —Captain Beefheart

    “I could listen to you play for hours, Gary…beyond cool” —Lou Reed

    “An incredible guitarist” —Nick Cave

    “Man, you were really wailing!” —Leonard Bernstein

    “One of the world’s greatest guitarists” —HITS Magazine

    “Gary Lucas plays guitar like Salvador Dali paints…guitarist with a global beat.” —New York Times