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    Blood Upon The Rose

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    2 April 18:00 - 21:00
  • The brilliant new Musical/Drama “Blood Upon The Rose” written and directed by Gerry Cunningham tells the tragic love story of Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett set against the background of the Easter Rising in Dublin 1916. Their courtship, marriage in jail and his execution the following morning are brought to life in this compelling and absorbing musical/drama.

    Joseph Plunkett, struggles with illness throughout most of his life and is barely fit to take his part in the momentous events of 1916. A mild mannered,eccentric son of the Papal Count, George Noble Plunkett, Joseph defies his illness to marry his fiancee, Grace Gifford and become Director of Military operations before and during the rising.

    Grace,however hails from a slightly different background from that of Joseph . Her parents are both wealthy middle class Unionists and strong members of the Protestant faith.

    Yet their love of the arts and deeply held Christian values are what lock Joseph and Grace together until the cold steel of execution brings their love to an early end.

    Joseph’s part in the rising features prominently in this Musical/Drama as does his relationship with Pearse, McDonagh, Clarke, Connolly and other iconic leaders of the rebellion.

    His courage and strong leadership in the GPO during Easter week are there for all to see.

    Plunkett’s marriage to Grace in a dark candle-lit chapel in Kilmainham jail the night before his execution touched the hearts of a nation coming to terms with the aftermath of this momentous event in Irish history. This heart rendering episode in the rising was brought to the fore much later in 1985 with Frank and Sean O’Meara’s writing of the beautiful song “Grace”.

    The haunting lyrics and melody of “Blood upon the Rose” sets the tone for this enthralling musical/drama.

    “Let the Nation Rise” sung by the signatories of the proclamation will certainly stir the emotions as will the beautiful number “Be my Hope” performed by both Grace and Joseph as their love deepens.