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    Deep Relaxation

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    20 January 10:00 - 12:00
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  • Let tiredness and stress melt away at this extended session of deep relaxation. Suitable for absolutely everyone!
    Simple movement to unwind tension, breathing, deep relaxation and mindfulness.
    If you are tired, perpetually chasing your tail, then this is for you. Leave your stress at the door and welcome time for your body and mind to utterly relax. Desk + coffee junkies, Pilates and gym peeps, to those who haven't exercised in a while, not forgetting tired, stressed parents (sleepy yawn).
    We will ease stiff joints and tension with simple movement, and luxuriate in techniques that enable you to completely unwind and relax; breathwork, accessible mindful meditation and the ultimate yoga power nap, yoga nidra. In a world of increasing demands on our time and attention, giving time to recharge our batteries is essential for keeping good wellbeing and health. Join us in the relaxation revolution and let your weekend start stress free and deeply relaxed.
    £22/17 low waged
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