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    YOGA Thursdays: Stretch, de-stress, feel fantastic!

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    19 April 18:00 - 19:00
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  • WEEKLY TERM TIME CLASS 19 April - 21 June
    Tired? Tight shoulders, stiff lower back? Busy with the kids, long working hours, intense studies, can't sleep? Then relax, leave it all at the door. You will be guided through warm up techniques and postures working with the breath, with particular focus on those beneficial for each season. Spring practice is a flowing sequence of poses to music, stretching the sides of the body and legs, building strength, stability and agility, helping flush away frustration and sluggishness, so you feel refreshed, calm and fantastic!

    Classes are held in the small hall at Langside Parish Church, a lovely modern fully equipped hall with underfloor heating.
    Drop in £7/5 concession