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    Modern Calligraphy and Seasonal Hand Tied Bouquet Workshop

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    1 July 14:00 - 16:00
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  • Join us for an afternoon of creativity as Little Botanica teams up with Laura Elizabeth Patrick calligraphy.

    The afternoon will start with an introduction to modern calligraphy including stroke formation and how to use a dip pen and ink, and focus on writing lovely messages to accompany your bouquet.

    Following on from that we'll show you how we make a beautiful seasonal hand tied bouquet; how we wrap our flowers and explain which seasonal varieties we've chosen from the market to work with on the day.

    Bring yourself and some creativity and you'll go home with a beautiful hand tied gift bouquet that you've put together yourself combined with gorgeous modern calligraphy gift tag (using your new found handwriting skills) and calligraphy kit.

    Lots of tea and cake (from a luxury bakery company) will keep you going throughout the afternoon.