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    The WInachi Tribe Plus Support

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    23 June 19:30 - 23:30
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  • Imagine the psychedelic Funk of George Clinton oozing with the brooding menace of Massive Attack…imagine the rolling hypnotic beats of The Happy Mondays through the vision and flow of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, a sonic soul collective who adhere to no boundaries or formulas, either musically or culturally. Well that band is now a reality: the lyrically explosive, musically eclectic, Electro Funk Hybrid known as THE WINACHI TRIBE. Born from the belly of Northern D.Funk collective CHINA WHITE…THE WINACHI are an exceptional band of musicians and producers who have collaborated and toured with artists as diverse as Ian Brown to Danny Saber.

    SilverFinger Singh

    A Sikh from Leeds UK, SilverFinger Singh has been composing Music and Song writing since the age of 16.

    He is a Musician / Vocalist who is known for his unique fusion of traditional Indian Bhangra sounds blended with HipHop and Reggae rhythms.

    He possesses a unique Vocal flow combined with Lyrics based on his life experiences portraying a positive message of Peace, Love & Unity.

    Most notably SilverFinger has performed at major venues all over the UK on tour with the "God Like Genius" that is Mr. Ian Brown of the Stone Roses.
    With his powerful back beats and smooth vocal performances SilverFinger Singh became quite recognised within the Ian Brown and Madchester following.

    In live shows SilverFinger Singh has supported the likes of Panjabi MC, The Winachi Tribe, Tigerside, The Clone Roses, Happy Mondaze and was Featured on BBC Asian Network's DJ Yasser "Raw And Ready" Radio Show.

    The Shows
    To try and give this group a label for the music is dis-service to their eclectic musical influences and styles. The Shows cram almost every genre you could imagine into their unique sound and the live shows have everything from rock out classics to hip hop.