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    Monday Learn to Play Magic

  • When
    30 April 13:00 - 16:00
    1pm – 4pm drop in session

    Always wanted to learn MTG but no idea where to start? No problem! Just pop in anytime between 1pm & 4pm and our lovely on hand staff will give you a few free introduction games. You'll get to play 2 different coloured sample decks, and at the end will combine them to make a full 60 card deck which you can take home with you! We'll also sort you out with a DCI number so you can play in any tournaments.

    Mondays are Draft days too in Geek Retreat, so we hope you stick around and try out your new found skills with some of our regular player base to reinforce what you've just learned!

    Also, if you do decide you want to buy some boosters or a deck we'll give you a 10% discount off selected products too! How good is that?!

    PS - We run these every week if you can't make it today ;)