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    Fleetmac Wood Presents Sisters of the Moon Disco - Glasgow

  • When
    31 March 22:00 - 01 April 02:00
    Hosted by:
  • 31.03.18 The Art School, Glasgow
    22:00 - 02:00
    Tickets: http://bit.ly/fmwsisglastix

    Calling all Sisters and Brothers of the Moon for a night of celestial musings, trailing robes and mystery on the dance floor. We are thrilled to announce our 4th party in Glasgow with DJs Roxanne Roll & Smooth Sailing

    Join us for a night of exclusive edits and remixes of Fleetwood Mac and solo projects (no cover versions).
    A warning: If you do not like Fleetwood Mac, it is not advised to take this journey to the rainbow’s end. Stand back. Stand back.

    Since 2012, we have been hosting our tunnel-visioned event and celebrating the extensive back catalogue of Fleetwood Mac. With a curated and created assortment of remixes and edits we’ve shared our passion with like-minded hedonists all over the world. We’ve twirled in the mud at Glastonbury and tipped our top hat to the dust at Burning Man.

    Sounds like: http://bit.ly/fmwsoundcloud
    Feels like: http://bit.ly/fmwsmvidpt1

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