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    Sgàiraoke: It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

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    8 December 21:00 - 09 December 01:00
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  • Another year older but none the wiser, another full journey around the sun and another hairy toe curled around the edge of the grave. Let us come together to watch one another slowly decompose and reflect upon our short time on this mortal coil…why on a seemingly arbitrary December night you ask?


    Sgàiraoke is returning to its roots as an emotionally cathartic space for self-care through karaoke, and what better way for your host Sgàire Wood to demonstrate the importance of self-care than to remind everyone that it’s all about her! It’s an all night karaoke extravaganza baby! Expect triumphs and tears, serenades and swan-songs, karaOK and kara-not-so-OK! Celebration, Commiseration, Defenestration!

    Have your cake and eat it! Sing a song you know the words to! Wear a costume! Wear nothing at all! Turn up! Don’t! Who even cares?! Life is a rollercoaster baby you just gotta ride it out until you forget what you were crying about!

    FREE before 11, £2/3 thereafter!