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    Bigfoot's Tea Party with Peter Van Hoesen

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    21 July 23:00 - 22 July 02:00
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    // Fri 21 July

    Peter Van Hoesen
    (Time To Express / Dekmantel / Tresor)

    Belgium’s Peter Van Hoesen has never been that typical techno artist. As one of the genre’s forerunners, he is someone who builds sounds for many different environments - the club, the home, the gallery or museum. On his own label Time to Express, and imprints like Tresor and Dekmantel UFO, he releases records to great acclaim. His other projects include performing as Sendai alongside Yves De Mey, and b2b Hybrid sets with Donato Dozzy. Bottom line is, everything he touches is pure quality.

    Dekmantel Boiler Room → http://bit.ly/2rTmdmv
    Concrete, Paris → http://bit.ly/2qmUclw

    Peter also runs the Handwerk Audio studio in Berlin, giving customers access to legendary synthesizers.
    Read more about that here → http://bit.ly/2qeXT1v

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