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    16 December 09:30 - 11:30
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  • It's that time of year again for our 108 Sun Salutation Event. This is our 4th year raising funds for worthy causes.
    As we have taken on, a primary school from Malawi to sponsor for 1 year, all our efforts are going towards these children.
    The atmosphere in the studio is amazing at these events, we come together, the breath leads the asana and we flow together in a moving meditation.
    We normally complete the 108 Sun Salutations within an hour (45 mins). If you can exercise for 1 hour, then please come and join our team, we need YOU!


    To join the team:
    We ask you to book your place online with a commitment of £20 all going towards the children. www.ourworldyoga.com and go onto 2/12/17
    Then all we ask, is for you to share the link with friends and family asking them to sponsor you. Or take a hat around the old fashioned way at a party and see who'll be so kind.

    We have a guest speaker this year, a lovely primary teacher who has spent a month recently working with the children at another Mary's Meals primary school near by ours in Malawi. Lorraine will show us pictures and tell us about their lives and how hard it is for these children to survive.
    Please turn up at 9.30am for registration and a short talk. We will kick off at 10am.
    Nibbles/treats will be supplied by the studio and any volunteers to keep you replenished and full of energy.


    We have committed to feed 679 young children up to P7. We have 1 year and yes, although the target is a staggering £9439 (we have raised over £1100 so far!), we believe that this is possible ❤️

    We also need a 'stone counter' volunteer. Message if you're interested x

    If you can't make it along but would like to help us to help them, please click 'Donate to this cause'

    Be sure not to click Donate but click 'donate to this project' as it doesn't come of our grand total otherwise :) thank you in advance x