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    You Should Be Dancing!

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    27 April 23:00 - 28 April 03:00
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  • The Legend Series is our monthly musical special where we pay homage to the artists, people and culture that created the music that has made The Buff Club what it is today.

    The Legend Series presents - Saturday Night Fever

    With one of thee greatest movie soundtracks of all time, Saturday Night Fever captures the love & passion for music and dancing that we share here at Buff

    On Friday 27th of April we're going to pay tribute to the film in the best way we can - With nothing but disco... And a light up disco floor!

    Alex O'Donnell will be providing your soundtrack for the evening as well as all the biggest disco tracks from this era.

    Let's get high wasted, slicked back and ready to boogie!

    You should be dancing, Yeah!