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    Spring Mini Yoga Retreat

  • When
    21 April 13:00 - 16:00
  • Spring is the time of year for new challenges, & personal growth as we stretch ourselves out of Winter & towards new beginnings. As the days get longer there is more of a demand to get things started so we need a fresh approach to our diet, exercise & lifestyle.
    You may feel the need to spring clean your home, car & surrounding environment & clean up your diet in order to match the external energy with a fresh new feeling.

    Spring is the element of Wood & is the season of new beginnings, new challenges & a time to be flexible yet strong. Time for starting new projects & taking decisive action.

    We will start the session with a Qigong warm up to warm up the body followed by a detoxifying spring yoga flow designed to stretch & twist the gallbladder & liver meridians & energise you.

    After a short herbal tea break, we will practice a cleansing pranayama followed by a Candle Gazing (tratak) meditation to promote cleansing of the eyes & to improve memory & concentration.

    The session will end with a blissful Yoga Nidra to leave you feeling deeply relaxed & rested with a fresh new energy to tackle those new ideas & goals.

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