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    Zen Mindfulness for Health & Wellbeing Six Week Course

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    17 January 19:30 - 21:30
  • Zen mindfulness and meditation provides tools and techniques to allow you to live more freely and fully with less stress, anxiety and frustration impeding the body’s natural state of vitality. By seeing and responding to things with more awareness you can spend more time feeling healthy, relaxed, calm and alive.

    And less time struggling!

    This structured six week course is perfect for complete beginners to mindfulness and meditation or those who would like to deepen their experience.

    What can you expect?

    • Learn the principles of zen mindfulness and meditation;
    • Explore a new concept each week including stress, time pressure and taking care of yourself;
    • Discover a variety of practical zen tools and how you can use them to improve your health and wellbeing;
    • The opportunity to discuss specifically how it all applies to your own life situation.

    Everyone gets a recording of each guided meditation with the aim that you try to meditate daily and can give George a call/message any time with any questions or uncertainties as you go.

    Here’s what a couple of our past ‘beginners’ had to say!

    ‘It is enjoyable, interesting and definitely well worth doing…….’ - Terry, Erskine
    ‘It is brilliant. I love it.’ - Laima, Glasgow

    The course was created by Daizan Roshi, a British zen master now based at Zenways in London, and is rooted in traditional Bompu zen (zen purely for health and wellbeing) which is recorded as early as the 8th century!

    Zen is accessible, useful and potentially life changing for everyone regardless of spiritual and philosophical background. BOOK NOW to take your first step towards feeling healthier, calmer & more fully alive.

    About George

    George Watson is a qualified Zenways http://zenways.org teacher, who has over a decade of meditation experience including two years in Japan, sitting and serving on various retreats, and trying to hang on to some sanity in corporate London.

    He says “Practice in Zenways works with your body, mind and energy to create greater wellbeing, vitality and awareness, and even a deeper sense of your connection with all things and your true relationship with the universe.”

    We recommend that you attend all classes in the course.

    Cost: £70 including guided meditation recordings and phone support from George throughout

    Spaces are limited to 12