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    Lady balls bingo

    Food and drink
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    29 November 20:00 - 30 November 01:00
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  • eyes down! in a flutter of false lashes & a shower of glitter the lovely misses Rujazzle & her gaggle of queens are back at the bookclub for another raucous night of {lady balls bingo}... there'll be mischief, mayhem and more ball jokes than you can handle, with a five hundred smackers cash prize for some lucky so and so...

    free entry
    £500 cash prize
    the easiest way to make some dolla for Christmas

    same rules apply; ball jokes galore, dancing on tables {only the queens}, £3 mojitos, £2.50 drinks and a cash prize of 500 smackaroonies to be won.

    balls drop at 9pm...