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    Zen Insight Four Week Course

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    22 November 19:30 - 21:30
  • Most people agree that we are not our thoughts, our feelings or our body. This does seem to beg the question what are we then?

    A lot of modern mindfulness work stops at the point of detaching from these things without exploring what’s left. By this point, how to deal with negativity has been covered and it can be discomforting to look too deeply into who we are.

    If you’re interested in going further, this course is for you!

    Kensho is roughly translated as ‘seeing your true nature’, who you really are. It can also be thought of as waking up. On this course we use meditation techniques from both of the two main lines of zen, rinzai and soto, to allow us to drop deeper into exploring our true nature. We also explore grounding techniques to avoid the ‘Glastonbury effect’ - where we might feel so utterly at one with the universe that we find it quite tricky to, for example, turn up to work on time.

    Previous meditation experience useful but not necessary.

    Course cost £48