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    Sleep In the Park

    Food and drink
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    9 December 19:00 - 21:00
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  • Join us for Sleep in The Park - our largest ever event - with a mission to end homelessness in Scotland. For Good.

    We’re inviting you to join us and 9,000 others in Princes Street Gardens on the 9th of December for the World's largest ever sleep-out. You’ll be joined by Buskers Liam Gallagher, Deacon Blue, Amy Macdonald and Frightened Rabbit. Comedy Legend John Cleese will be performing a "Bedtime Story" and legendary activist Sir Bob Geldof will be sleeping out with us. The event will be hosted by Rob Brydon and breakfast will be served host of The Scottish Government cabinet ministers.

    You can participate as an individual by raising a minimum of only £100, or as a Corporate team of 5 by raising a minimum of £3,000. By raising funds and working together, we can stop the sticky plaster mentality and get to the root issues with a plan to eradicate homelessness over a 5 year period by providing people with housing, rehabilitation, job opportunities and the support they need to get back on their feet.

    We want to make Scotland an example for the whole world to follow. We’re a small country. A nation of innovators. The statistics of homelessness in Scotland are not insurmountable.
    We can do this. We just need you.