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    The Wizard of Never Woz

  • When
    2 January 13:30 - 16:30
  • Join Dorothy on an exciting but unexpected adventure from her home in sunny Glasgow to the Magical Land of Never Woz. Along the way, she meets a “Scatty Scarecrow” a “Tarnished Tin Man, a “Scaredy Cat Lion” as they all hit the Yellow Brick Road in the hope of finding the Mighty Wizard of Never Woz .

    Will good conquer evil, will Dorothy find her way home and will Toto manage to fight off the Wicked Witch?

    Starring Dean Park as Leo the Lion, Christian as the Scatty Scarecrow, Liam Dolan as Tinny the Tin Man, Nicola Park as the Good Fairy Glinda, Holly Jack as Dorothy and not forgetting the Wicked Witch of the West brought to life by River City legend Joyce Falconer and her two trusty Henchmen Dumb and Dumber played by international wrestling star Grado and River City star Stephen Purdon, together with a full supporting cast, it is fun all the way.