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    Afro-Cuban All Stars Live at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

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    22 January 19:30 - 21:30
  • For more than 40 years, the legendary singer, guitarist, bandleader and impresario Juan de Marcos has been a linchpin figure in the evolution and popularisation of his native Cuban music. Having co-founded the great Sierra Maestra in 1976, he oversaw that line-up’s eventual expansion into the Afro-Cuban All Stars, as featured in the original, seminal 1997 Buena Vista Social Club recordings, whose ‘brand’ has since sold over 12 million albums. Today’s multi-generational, 14-piece All Stars draw on at least a century’s worth of Cuban sounds and styles, from vintage son via Latin jazz to hip-hop, matching master musicianship with red-hot passion. “If this music doesn't move you, you've got no place to go” (NPR)