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    WSHOM in Africa - An African Disco Special

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    19 January 23:00 - 20 January 02:00
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  • Another year passes and another page is turned in the story of Hanging Out More.
    The 19th of January marks the start of a new season of WSHOM - We Should Hang Out More nights in the legendary Sub Club and we're stoked to be able to bring you some of our favourite DJs and producers to the Dear Green Place throughout the course of 2018.

    If the words 'legend' and 'Sub Club' are used in the same sentence, its often in relation to a particular duo and we're delighted to welcome back one half of that pairing in the shape of JD Twitch of Optimo (Espacio) for the 3rd incarnation of 'WSHOM in Africa - An African Disco Special'.

    Once again, we'll be raising money for Emferd Morogoro - a charity who's mission is to provide education and opportunities to disabled children in Tanzania and a charity very close to the Bhatman's heart.

    How much introduction does one need to give Keith McIvor for a night in the Subbie?
    Simply put; if there was a record collection, selection ability and audience understanding better suited to representing the musical diversity of the continent responsible for 30% of the world's land mass you'd be hard pushed to find it.

    We're determined to build on the £1.5k we've already raised for Emferd and given how superb these parties have been historically, we're confident we will.

    What a way to start the year. We can't wait and neither should you.

    Mr Twitch will be ably supported on the night by Shahaa Tops and Peter Panther.

    B E A U T I F U L artwork brought to you by Jammy and Shona.

    Tickets are on RA now.

    Happy New Year!