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    Patañjali’s classical aṣṭāṅga yoga with James Boag

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    20 April 18:00 - 20:00
  • Octopus Yoga – Eight Limbs One Body

    Navigating the ocean of life with the time-tested, robust principles of Patañjali’s classical ‘Eight limbs’/aṣṭāṅga yoga.

    In yoga: there are no rules.

    There are reliable, time-tested principles.

    Yoga is far too wise and far too vast to confine itself with rules. Instead, it offers us robust principles to foster, maintain and deepen dynamic equilibrium in the reality of a human life. One of the eminently practical lenses to explore and help deepen our relationship with and understanding of these principles is through the classic ‘eight limbs’ - aṣṭāṅga - as encoded in the wonderfully concise miracle-mirror text that is Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra.

    During this weekend you’ll:
    -establish/deepen a live and vibrant relationship with these practical yoga principles to foster harmony in the reality of a human life as encoded in Patañjali’s masterwork;
    -apply the eight limbs principles to yoga as a holistic life practice, working with movement, meditation, sound, stillness, inquiry and celebration;
    -learn/experience how to apply the time-tested principles of yoga to any style of practice and how to empower our work with yoga techniques so they support all aspects of our life, the length of our life.

    The schedule for your weekend intensive:

    Friday 20 April 2018

    6-8.30pm Session One - Discussion - Octopus Yoga: Navigating the deep, dancing in the ocean of life and passing through the eye of a needle

    Practical introduction to the intention and import of the eight limbs, including the context of the Yoga Sūtra as a foundational reference and support for work with all schools/methods/technologies of Yoga and Tantra.

    Saturday 21 April 2018

    8.30-11am Session Two - Foundational principles in application: āsana and movement exploration

    Yoga āsana as the seat of awareness and for sustainable development in a lifelong practice.

    Yogic principles of posture and movement for broad spectrum capacity and efficient response in a wide range of physical movement scenarios, including:
    -how to safeguard the wonderful vehicle of our body against the insidious ravages of a ‘furnished’, ‘provided’ culture that outsources so much of our movement.
    -how to work with yogic principles to empower and make nourishing and sustainable whatever type of practice we enjoy.
    -stimulating our in-built, innate capacities for recreation and reformation of our neurological system.

    1-4pm Session Three - Discussion - Harnessing the gifts of embodiment, the most important yoga

    The principles of the yama-s, the foundations of the eight limbs, and cultivating harmony in the reality of a human life. Discussion and practical exercises; may include meditation, inquiry, story and song.

    Sunday 22 April 2018

    10am-12:30pm Session Four - Movement exploration

    Working with the yama-niyama principles to foster clarity and contentment in the reality of our here and now, including:
    -how to ensure that our āsana or movement practice is really yoga.
    -how to build and tend a yogic fire to illumine and guide a lifelong practice that supports the spectrum of our real needs and deeper longings.

    2-4.30pm Session Five - Discussion - Working from gross to subtle, tending the internal limbs in all we do

    Kirtan and sound-based practices, satsang discussion and meditation to further deepen our understanding of the eight limb principles and how we can integrate them into our lives.

    Workshop Costs
    Full Weekend £170 inclusive of lunch both days
    Individual Day (Saturday/Sunday) £85 inclusive of lunch
    Individual Session £38

    About James

    James teaches applied yoga philosophy around the world and is known for bringing the traditional, scriptural teachings of yoga to vivid life, in ways which make clear their relevance and practical application in our lives today. His powerful kirtans invite participants to bathe in rich sound; cleansing, energising, and heightening awareness of the depth and glory of our inner selves.

    James’ practice and teaching grow from their roots in the Shankaracarya Vedic tradition and the school of Kashmir Shaivism. His classes are infused with the ‘ras’ or flavour of joy associated with the devotional practice of kirtan, and of the bliss which is seen as underlying everything in the beautiful teachings of Shaivism.

    He has been teaching yoga and leading kirtan regularly since 2003 and teaching since 1993. In 2005, while he was teaching English at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, James began studying Sanskrit. From 2008-2012, James spent about half his time in Mysore, where he completed his MA in Sanskrit, and where he continues to lead kirtan and courses on the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras, attended by international students of many Mysore’s renowned yogasana teachers.

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