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    Sugarwork + Graham Costello's Strata (Glasgow Jazz Festival)

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    22 June 20:00 - 23 June 00:00
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  • Glasgow Jazz Festival 2017

    Paul Harrison formed Sugarwork with the aim of bringing back spontaneity and true adventure in jazz. Improvised questing combines with electronica, and compositions that draw on an expansive range of influences from avant-rock to folk music. The result is, at times hauntingly melodic, at others, thrillingly relentless and intensely rhythmic. Also defining the group are three tremendously strong personalities, each a well known bandleader in their own right as well as fearless improvisers : tenor saxophonist Phil Bancroft, who is incapable of playing a superfluous note, Graeme Stephen, whose innovative and inimitable electric guitar style is a perfect match, and drummer / percussionist Stuart Brown, who can create unimaginable sonic worlds alone. This is music for the twenty first century, played by four musicians with huge reputations who don’t rest on their laurels.


    Graham Costello's STRATA
    Featuring some of Scotland’s finest young jazz musicians, Graham Costello’s STRATA bring the world of Reich-inspired minimalism together with the noisier direction of bands like Zu and The Thing to form a sound that ranges from delicate and meditative to more unhinged, polyrhythmic and high energy. STRATA also run their own monthly residency at Glasgow’s renowned independent venue Bar Bloc, where they continue to craft their sound and bring improvised music to newer audiences.

    Harry Weir - tenor and baritone saxophone
    Liam Shortall - trombone
    Fergus McCreadie - piano
    Joe Williamson - guitar
    Angus Tikka - electric bass
    Graham Costello - drums and composition

    *LISTEN HERE* - https://grahamcostello.bandcamp.com/
    *WATCH HERE* - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuXqzNUFKTY