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    Zoo Lab Experience - Habitats

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    11 April 11:00 - 13:00
  • Meet and handle exotic animals with ZooLab, the UK’s number one animal handling experience and lifelong learning company.

    Minibeasts - Wednesday 4th April
    What is a minibeast? What do they have inside them? How are our bodies like and unlike theirs?

    Guided by our expert ZooLab ranger, you will get a fun introduction to invertebrates and classification. It is an experience that makes scientific discovery really come alive - from vertebrates and invertebrates, to arthropods and myriapods, molluscs, crustaceans and arachnids!

    Habitats - Wednesday 11th April
    Exploring habitats that range from tropical rainforests to deserts and from Polar Regions to oceans, our ZooLab expert will take you on an adventure to find out how animals have adapted to survive in a variety of different temperatures and conditions all over the world! What do our creatures require to survive? Why is a cockroach nature's ultimate survivor?

    Presenter Owen will carry out five half hour sessions:

    £2 donations per session
    Pay on the door (first come first served basis)
    *Usual Admission fees to Country Park apply