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    MTG Dominaria Open House

  • When
    14 April 12:00 - 16:00
  • Saturday 14th April

    Drop- in Intro session 12pm – 3pm
    Tournament registration 3pm for a 3.30pm start

    FREE to both events

    12pm – 3pm

    On Saturday, April 14th, we are inviting players of all levels to come together to play Magic, come and explore the world of Dominaria.. A player favourite!

    The start kicks off at 12pm – 3pm with a new player demo session. Come along and we’ll teach you how to play with some Demo decks and even send you on your way with some free cards. If you do choose to buy any product you’ll also receive a 10% discount in any products you buy on the day (including MTG Planeswalker decks which is everything you need to get involved in the Standard tournament in the afternoon as they are a 60 card ready to play standard deck out the box!) Of course if you would prefer not to play and just watch this is also okay too!

    If you’re a seasoned veteran and already know how to play – why not bring some friends or loved ones that don’t and get them involved in your hobby too!


    3pm for a 3.30pm start – 7pm approx

    This tournament is meant for new players / casual player and seasoned veterans alike to come along and get some Standard games in in a 3 – 4 round Swiss style tournaments!

    Entry is free as emphasis is on fun and getting players used to a tournament setting / deck testing. BUT there will be some promos and any other goodies we can find that will go to winners and randomly rolled between all entrants on the day.

    So if you’ve just learned how to play in our morning demo session, or you’re looking to get back into the game, or just want a casual day playing with friends this is the event for you!

    To pre-register please call the store on 0141 611 8229 or email us at glasgow@geek-retreat.com.