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    Subculture XXX・Âme, Harri & Domenic

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    1 July 23:00 - 02 July 02:00
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  • We are hugely excited to welcome back Âme. Consistently voted as one of Resident Advisor's top 10 DJs worldwide, "...Kristian Beyer has been an insatiable digger for decades—much of what his labelmates play comes from his ever-growing collection. This, combined with his flawless mixing and impeccable sense of pace, is what makes him so enthralling as a DJ: you're hearing the tracks that have bubbled to the top of his vast personal library, constructed into something grandiose, romantic and unmistakably Âme."

    A long time friend of Subculture, Âme joins our residents Harri & Domenic.

    Harri & Domenic
    23:00 - 04:00

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