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    Psychovertical Film Screening

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    21 November 19:30 - 22 November 04:30
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  • We're extremely excited to be hosting the first screening of Psychovertical in Glasgow at Drygate!

    Filmmaker Jen Randall (Light Shed Pictures) and climber/writer Andy Kirkpatrick have teamed up to make a creative documentary based on Andy's Boardman-Tasker winning auto-biography, 'Psycho Vertical'.

    After the screening there will also be a 20-30min Q+A with Andy and Jen.

    Tickets for this event will be released soon. Be sure to click 'attending' to stay up to date!

    -- ABOUT THE FILM --
    Andy Kirkpatrick is a world-class climber and alpinist who lives a life of conflicting desires and responsibilities. Though he knows the pain of living in poverty, pursuing his dreams comes before making a living. Though he battles with severe dyslexia, he has turned himself into an award-winning author. While compelled to share his life online and make audiences crumple with laughter on stage, he chooses to test himself on some of the world’s longest and most difficult climbs totally alone. And while a proud and doting father, he cannot help but put ambition over security, even if that means risking his life time and again.

    By diving head-first into his past, his present and his motivation for pushing his limits to the absolute extreme, the aim of this movie is to explore themes of conflicting identities, the strength and futility of ambition, how our pasts shape us, drive us forward and stay with us all of our lives and of course... what it's like to solo a frickin' big wall... in detail. For real.