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    Lawrence of Arabia on 70mm at GFT

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    19 November 12:30 - 14:30
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  • This new 70mm print is being transported to the UK for a limited time; so do not miss your chance to see this classic piece of cinema in the most stunning quality.

    Widely regarded as Lean’s greatest triumph, this intriguingly ambivalent account of T.E. Lawrence’s exploits in the Middle East during World War One is also a landmark in the epic tradition of cinema. As conceived by writers Michael Wilson and Robert Bolt, and played by Peter O’Toole, Lawrence – an outspoken lieutenant promoted to lead the attack on the Turks – is a romantic poet-warrior riven with doubts and contradictions, half-resisting what he sees as his own destiny even as he becomes a reluctant agent of British imperialism. Maurice Jarre’s sweeping score and Lean’s astonishing sense of scale serve to turn modern history into the stuff of memorably heroic myth.

    Sunday 19 November (12.30)
    Wednesday 23 November (18.30)

    Tickets £11/£9.