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    Fizzgig Theatre Company presents Treasure Island

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    30 June 11:00 - 16:00
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  • Please note: There are two performances: 11am and 3pm

    Treasure Island by Raymond Burke (and Robert Louis Stevenson)

    Ahoy there!

    Everybody loves pirates and the most famous buccanneer of them all, Long John Silver along with some of his ferocious friends will soon be dropping anchor in Pollok House to perform Stevenson's classic, Treasure Island.

    Young Jim Hawkins finds a treasure map and, with the help of the local Squire, gathers a crow to go in search of the gold. However, some of the sailors who sign up for the adventure may not be quite as trustworthy as they appear and poor Jim realises too late that he has set sail for the Spanish Main with a cut-throat crew of bloodthirsty brigands.

    The well loved tale is brought to life in a newly updated script brimming over with singalong songs, jolly jokes and interactive games that will entertain pirates of all ages. Along the way we meet the characters such as Ben Gunn the castaway and Captain Flint the talking Parrot and Jim realises that friendship is more valuable than all gold in the world.

    So don't be a lazy landlubber - it's time to polish up your telescope, hoist the mainsail, swash your buckle and get on board with Fizzgig's Treasure Island.

    Yo ho ho!