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    Magic the Gathering: Rivals of Ixalan Pre-Release Weekend

  • When
    21 April 00:00 - 04:00
  • Magic the Gathering: Dominaria Pre-Release Weekend

    Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd April


    Event 1 – Friday MIDNIGHT. Sealed. Registration is from 11pm for a 12am start

    Event 2 – Saturday morning. Sealed. Registration is from 10am for a 10.30am start

    Event 3 – Saturday evening. Sealed. Registration is from 5pm for a 5.30pm start

    Event 4 – Sunday morning. Sealed. Registration is from 10.30am for an 11am start

    Event 5 – Royal Scot Sunday evening . Sealed. PUB-RELEASE. Registration is from 4:30pm for 5pm start.
    (Please note, there is an additional £5 fee for the pub pre-release)


    Join us for an entire weekend of MTG pre-release action! With events from Saturday morning right through until Sunday night!

    In your pre-release you’ll receive a themed pre-release pack (/deck box) inside which contains 6 boosters plus a date stamped promo and spin-down.

    We’re running 5 events over the weekend and as always there’s special discounts for multiple events and Membership card holders.

    Pricing is as follows.

    1 Event – £25 (£24 for Membership Card holders)
    2 Events – £50 (£48 for Membership Card holders)
    3 Events – £75 (£72 for Membership Card holders)
    4 Events – £100 (£96 for Membership Card holders)
    5 Events – £125 (£120 for Membership Card holders, no additional pub fee)


    Pre-releases are casual competition days for all ability levels. Whether seasoned pro looking for get their hands on the new cards before everyone else, or beginner with a basic understanding of the rules, there’s something for everyone at a pre-release event.

    All you need to bring is yourself! We even provide free deck sleeves with your entry fee!

    From your sealed boxes, in which you receive 6 boosters, you will create a deck of 40 cards minimum deck then play other participating players in a Swiss style tournament.

    This event will take place with regular rules enforcement, including the Vancouver Mulligan Rule.


    Everyone will receive TWO participation packs of DOMINARIA at the end of the event with an additional RIVALS OF IXALAN pack into the prize pool per player that entered. The ones in the prize pool will be distributed on final Swiss standings.


    To book your pre-release place contact us on 0141 611 8229, emailing us via glasgow@geek-retreat.com or coming in store.
    If you can let us know your DCI number too this helps us get everyone pre-registered.

    If you don’t have a DCI number don’t worry, head over to accounts.wizards.com to sign yourself up for one!